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One Night with a Demon Soldier

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Sacrificing everything for your country is a lot easier before you meet the love of your life.

Karolyna, Princess of Hell, knows that her life is not her own. She was born to serve her people and bear an heir to the throne. Until then, she is determined to live on her terms. She constantly ditches her guards and infuriates her father until he assigns one of Hell’s top soldiers as her personal protector. He’s the only man who has ever kept up with her. She hates him as much as she wants him.

Ulric, part of an elite demon military team; his contract is almost complete and he’s ready to start the rest of his life. Only three months left when he assigned to babysit the most infuriating, stubborn, and sexy woman he has ever met.

When the king announces Karolyna’s engagement to a vile lord, she knows her days of freedom are over. Can she set aside her own needs and spend the rest of her days in a gilded cage? Or will she fight for her forbidden romance?

If you love the spice of Immortals after dark, the strong women in Chicagoland Vampires and the fierce men of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, then this book is for you.

Buy One Night with a Demon Solider today and start the daring enemies-to-lovers adventure.


Shadowed Fate Book 1

A family secret. A jealous ex. The Prince of Hell. And the end of Tori’s life as she knows it.

After being attacked in the park, Tori wakes up in the bed of a handsome stranger with a secret. Tall, sexy, exciting…and also the crowned prince of Hell, Rune demands to know why a group of rogue demons are hunting her.
Caught in the world of angels, demons, and fae, Tori must learn who she is, what she is, and why there is a target on her back.

Can she discover the secrets of her past, explore the attraction she has to this powerful demon all while protecting her sisters and dodging Rune’s jealous ex? Shouldn't be too hard, right?

If you love the spice of Immortals After Dark, the strong women in Chicagoland Vampires, and the fierce men of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or the adventure of Zodiac Academy then this book is for you

Download now to start this dark urban fantasy adventure today!

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Shadowed Fate Book 1

Hell hath no fury like a succubus challenged.

A year ago Tori was thrown into the world of Angels, Demons and Fae. She saved her father, the incubus from a terrorist, discovered she had powers of her own, watched as her best friend was forced into hiding, and started dating the future king of Hell, Rune.

Just as she starts to feel like she might have life under control again, Rune’s grandfather and King takes notice of her skills and relationship. He sends her the best fighter in Hell to further train her skills, and distract her while he commands Rune to entertain four women of exceptional beauty and acceptable breeding.

If Tori wants to earn respect the respect of her people and keep the heart of her man, she will have to prove her self-worth as a warrior, a woman, a demon, and a leader.

All while the real enemy is still out there, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Throw yourself into the second installment in the Shadowed Fate series, a hellish spicy urban fantasy novel that readers have compared to ACOTAR, Zodiac Academy and Shadow Hunters for adults.

Download now to start this sexy adventure.

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About the Author

A.M. Mason is an American writer living in South Korea with her husband and cat. Growing up first outside of Chicago and then in Phoenix, she loves to explore new regions and cities always looking for supernatural lying just beneath the surface and in the shadows.

She writes spicy paranormal romance and urban fantasy with dominant alpha men and strong, sassy women.

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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